Robert Raussteinberg: A Comparison Of Robert Rauschenberg

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I feel my work is a resemblance of Robert Rauschenberg in a sense of innovation and expanding the use of material and mediums. Rauschenberg was well known for his ability to combined nontraditional material and objects creating a single - unified piece. Much of Rauschenberg 's work consisted of employing innovative combinations. Though, Rauschenberg was both a painter and a sculptor and implemented a combination of both, he also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance -allowing him to expand his ideas and innovations. Like Rauschenberg, much of my work is based on combining different elements and media to create singular bold works. With my recent work, it manifests into a composite of sculpting and painting leading…show more content…
Picture 20-24 OPEN books of all sizes attached to a board that is roughly 6ft x 6ft in size (only the covers of the books will be attached to the board). Using approximately fifteen pages from each book, I will paint images within them. Five images will be abstract; another five will be smaller realistic images, and the remaining will be images that connect each book together forming five large-scale images (like a puzzle or connect the dots). In doing this, I want to construct it in a way where the audience can approach the piece and turn through the pages arbitrating the image of choice by pinning it. Essentially, the individual can either flip to random pages or try to puzzle it together forming a one of the larger images. However, the process of this will be grueling in figuring out the best way to attach the books. As well as precise measurements to assure the books fit into the frame. If the math is done right, this would give a variation by the…show more content…
Though, pottery and photography are magnificent art forms and should not be degraded in any sense, they both hold process ' that is mandatory in order to produce these art forms. Painting and sculpting, on the other hand, do not always require a particular or sometimes any process at all. For example, in order to make any form of pottery sustainable it has to go through a firing process. This is an important process that cannot be skipped or it will not serve a proper function. In addition, it will be doomed for disaster at any touch of water. With film photography, it has to go through a chemical process. This is a repetitive process and doing it incorrectly or overlooking a step can lead to a damaged roll of film. Even in digital photography a printing process is needed. In order to maintain a suitable print, there is a process on providing the right contrast, size, format,
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