Robert Maynard Hutchins

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Robert Maynard Hutchins was the third son born on January 17, 1899 to a Presbyterian minister. HI grandfather was also a preacher but this would not be the path in life that Hutchins would choose. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his family moved to Ohio when he was eight years old. It was in Oberlin Ohio where Robert would go to school; at first the Academy and then the Oberlin College. Timing is crucial in life, and it was when Robert turned 18 years old the United States would enter World War One. Robert and his brother William joined the ambulatory services branch of the Army. He was briefly deployed to Italy but much of his time was spent in Oberlin at a fair grounds creating and constructing barracks. After the war he was granted a medal of honor from Italy (Britannica).
When Hutchins returned from war he began attending school at Yale University. It was here where Hutchins realized that there could be more than one way of thinking. The attitude and thought process of the students of Yale different tremendously from that at Oberlin College. The students challenged prohibition and set the atmosphere of the school. After graduation he enrolled at the Yale School of Law. It was there that Robert felt his true educational experience began.
After graduation he married and eventually had three sons. It was during this time that he taught high school for a year before returning to Yale as an employee instead of a student. The overwhelming attitude of the students was that of Legal Realism; the focus on judicial application based on the good of the community vs. the technical application of the law. This was a new but embraced concept for Robert Hutchins and when he strove to promote it. In his effort to quay the controversy that s...

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