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Americans, Just Americans America the great, America the free, America the motherland of dreams. Do these words sound familiar whenever you hear the United States being portrayed? Most likely, right?, and indeed several might agree with those statements, especially Americans. Americans have a long historical trajectory built from political hardships and glories, which have been depicted in several ways. In the following two works, “For Whom the Bell Tows” by Ernest Hemingway and “The Quiet American” by Graham Greene, we can perceive the different roles that Americans are portrayed by. In “For Whom the Bell Tows”, Americans are seen as Republicans in political terms, represent a strong leadership, and are against communists. Likely, in “The…show more content…
He was portrayed almost as a heroic figure in the sense that his actions often consisted of strong leadership and good connections with some of the local Spaniards. As mentioned in a passage, “Yes,” Robert Jordan told him. “I will teach you. You make a trap. It is not too difficult.” (Hemingway, Pg.12) Robert Jordan was willing to teach the local Spaniards several techniques to make defensive material and allow them to be better prepared for their battle. Local Spaniards did not reject Robert Jordan because they perceived the United States as a great country. As converted by one of the Spaniards and Robert Jordan, “The United States is a country of Republicans. They don’t shoot you for being a Republican there... “It shows a good blood.” (Hemingway, Pg.37) This divulges patriotism by Republicans, not only for America, but may also be towards Spain. It also shows acceptance and union between Americans and…show more content…
In “The Quiet American”, it is stated that, “Nothing that America could do was right. I became a bore on the subject of America, even with my French friends who were ready enough to share my antipathies. It was as if I had been betrayed, but one is not betrayed by an enemy.” (Greene, Pg.83) This reflects the ideological circumstances that Americans stood by in the perspective of the Vietnamese and French during the Vietnam war around the 1950s. America was depicted as an enemy that was best to keep as an ally rather than to fight against. America became a major military aid for the French in the Vietnam war, which helped them and the Vietnamese fight against a communists

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