Robert James, My Friend

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Robert James, My Friend

Robert James was missing his two front teeth. Robert James smelled really bad. Robert James came to school with chicken pox. Robert James did not have any friends. Robert James taught me things I could not believe. Robert James was my friend.

I first met Robert when I was in eighth grade. We sat next to each other on the first day of Mrs. Miller's algebra class. He smelled really bad that day, by the looks of it he had not showered in a few weeks. Initially I was quite appalled by this odor, and this gave me a bad first impression of him. Robert was always nice to me though.

Robert was not a very popular kid. He would have been placed in the "skanks" group, the group of kids who did not shower and came from lower income families. He moved to Goshen the summer before his eighth grade year, and he did not know anyone. He was made fun of on a daily basis, not only by the "preps," but by the "skanks" as well. It did not seem as if Robert had much going for him in his life.

I was a very timid child in middle school. I had friends and people to associate with, but I was not very out going or overly talkative. I had a hard time talking to people I didn't know, and people like Robert intimidated me. This is why when I was assigned to be his math partner I was quite scared.

In the first week of school Mrs. Miller assigned everyone in the class a math partner, someone who we would spend the semester working on in-class assignments. When I found out that I would be working with Robert all semester I did not know what to think. I was not particularly skilled in algebra, and I assumed that Robert would not be smart either. This was the first thing way that Robert proved me wrong.

I think that Robert knew that I was scared of him. The first time we had to work together, he was overwhelmingly nice to me. He asked me all kinds of questions about myself, and helped me to relax. I nearly forgot who I was talking with, and opened up to him.
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