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Robert Herrick was born in Cheapside, London in 1591. Robert was the seventh child of Nicholas Herrick. Nicholas Herrick, his father was a prosperous goldsmith who made a will two days before he jumped off the fourth floor window of his house. Robert had to grow up without his father but he had some helps with from his six siblings.

Robert Herrick had a huge family. The Herrick family had their hands on everything so Robert really could have decided on almost what ever he wants. In 1607 he was apprenticed to his uncle Sir William Herrick as a goldsmith. Robert always knew that it was a good business because it gold never gets old.

Herrick always had a love for writing and he knew since he was really young that he wanted to pursue it eventually. Herrick attended St. John’s College, Cambridge in 1613. Robert graduated a Bachelor of Arts in 1617, and Master of Arts in 1620. Robert felt that going to school can be a tremendous help for him. He now feels that he is ready to pursue his poetry writing professionally.

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One of Robert Herrick’s earliest works “A Country Life” really helped him start off on the right foot. The poem talked about him moving from London to farm life in Leicesterishire. Herrick joined up with a group of Cavalier poets who idolized Ben Johnson, mixing in literary circles in London. Herrick was also a very religious man and was used for some expeditions.

On April 24, 1623 Herrick was ordered to be a minister and to act as a Chaplin to Buckingham on an expedition. When there would be big expeditions they would always make sure they had a minister there to help them when in need. Even during the expedition he would be writing on his free time.

Herrick was a well-respected man by everyone. The king even asked him to run a church called Dean Prior, it was one of the biggest church in those days. Herrick lived a secluded country life and wrote some of his best works. In 1647 he was expelled from the government. Robert decided to move to London publishing his religious poems. Robert Herrick lived to the age of eighty-three.

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Robert Herrick has written hundreds of poems. My interpretation of “To His Mistress” is unique and interesting. Herrick always had a love for women and he loves to express his feelings.

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