Robert Frost's Life and Accomplishments

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Robert Frost, known for being a Modernist American poet was said to have hidden the pain of his private life through his writing career. He shared many ideas and was barely given credit for any of it during his lifetime. However, the nation mourned when “the most beloved poet of the century” passed away. (Greiner 94-95). After his death, the nation was then able to study and understand Frost’s life and the reasoning behind his poetry. Frost was set on making a difference in poetry as he once expressed, “I expect to do something to the present state of literature in America” (Greiner 95). The poem, “Putting in the Seed” written by Frost himself, expresses one of his common themes in his poems, nature. Being recognized as an American poet till after death, Frost has impacted poetry in a way that may not exist if it was not for him. Throughout his life he overcame many hardships through writing, which he used as therapy. This astounding author left the impression of creativity at its finest.

Robert Lee Frost, commonly known as Robert Frost, was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874, to William Prescott and Isabelle Moodie Frost. Frost was their first born child. His father, William Prescott was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard, heavy drinker and became a journalist and politician in California. After Frost’s father later died of tuberculosis in 1885, him and his mother moved to New Hampshire (Greiner 96). His mother was a school teacher, and she also taught Frost. She allowed him to skip classes and be lazy, which later affected his preparation for college. He had one sister, Jeanie, who was two years younger. Frost’s high school days at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts were crucial due to the fact he starte...

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...d and taught in schools due to his creative writings.

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