Robert Frost 's A Dream Pang

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“They would not find me changed from him they knew--/Only more sure of all I thought was true.”(“Sonnet Central”). Throughout many of Robert Frost’s nearly 200 poems, natural interaction serves as a means through which people grow and become more intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally advanced. Frost’s extended metaphor of the woods, as well as his utilization of mysterious imagery, mature syntax, and elevated diction throughout three of his more famous poems “A Dream Pang”, “Into My Own”, and “The Vantage Point” provides a view into what he sees as an important aspect of human growth. The life of Robert Frost was far from ordinary and is often said to have been very influential on his poetic tendencies. Born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, Robert Frost was forced to confront death at a young age as his father passed away of tuberculosis late in 1884. After high school, Frost transitioned through multiple jobs including a cobbler, teacher, and most appropriately, editor to the Lawrence Sentinel. After he and his high school sweetheart and later on wife, Elinor Miriam White, moved to England in 1912, Frost befriended multiple mentors in the field of poetry who helped to shape his growing career in the literary field. Although Frost is often quoted as attributing most of his writing success to his main inspiration, Elinor, he also saw the New England landscape as a great muse and even spent a few of his younger years as a farmer(Academy of American Poets). Although each of the three poems are quite ambiguous and can be seen to have various themes, they share many characteristics that support Frost’s most frequently addressed belief that becoming more knowledgeable and connected with nature will expedite the m... ... middle of paper ... ...other authors, Frost sees the natural world as a sort of reflection of one’s self; time spent contemplating in the woods is not meant to drastically change the participant, but rather just support their previous ideas and give them the strength to act on their beliefs and grow externally in ways they have already subconsciously understood. “They would not find me changed from him they knew--/Only more sure of all I thought was true.”(“Sonnet Central”). As a four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet, Robert Frost is often evaluated as one of the “greats” of poetry; his ambiguity and sarcasm will forever inspire his readers in ways he never imagined. Of his many poems, he uniquely addresses the everlasting effect surrounding properties has on humans and his allegorical woods provide a sense of understanding into something deeper and much more difficult to grasp.

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