Robert Frost Rhyme Scheme

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The poems that most interested me are written by Robert Frost; Fire and Ice, Nothing Gold Can Stay, and Design. In these poem Frost uses the literary such as symbolism and rhyme scheme. Symbolism is used to provide the reader with a meaning other than the literary meaning of object or idea. Rhyme scheme is used to help the reader read and understand the poem. By using these two literary devices and more Frost has achieved many awards for his work. Rhyme Scheme The poem Fire and Ice is nine line long and is an example of a briefly ironic literary style of Frosts work. Fire and Ice ranges between two meter lengths. The poem uses interwoven rhymes founded on “ire,” “ice,” and “ate.” Although the meter is irregular it does keep up an iambic foot throughout the poem. The first line of the poem is a tetrameter followed by a dimeter which is followed by five line of tetrameter, ending with two lines of dimeter. The division of the line lengths is to render natural interruptions in the poem causing the reader to stop and reread what they have just read in order to comprehend the meaning of the lines containing the dimeter. For example when the reader reads “ Some say in ice” they go back to the first line of the poem to reread the topic of what some are saying about the end of the world. The rhyme scheme of “Fire and Ice” is ABAABCBCB style. The words “fire” and “ice” are being rhymed with themselves. By using this scheme it means that the poem falls soundly and flows. By using the rhyme scheme Frosts creates a connection between the words. For example “fire” and “desire,” which make it clear that the words are related on a deeper level. As well the rhyming of “fire” and “ice” with themselves made it work to cre... ... middle of paper ... ...ts time argued that we perform as we were designed to perform as to why the title of the poem is Design. Robert Frost took great action involving rhyme schemes and symbolism in his literature. Symbolism is used in literature to provide detail and imagery to the object or idea. It's important to use symbolism in literature for the reader to have more information than what is actually stated about the object or idea. Symbolism enhances the main idea of the story and helps the reader put together the pieces. Rhyme Schemes are used to help the poem flow. Some poems will have a form that make it easy to read. Other poems will contain a form that makes it more difficult than other. At times writers use complicated forms to have the reader go back and reread the poem to really understand the meaning. Frost makes a great use of these two literary devices. (1248)
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