Robert Frost Figurative Language

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Everyone has experienced moments in life when he took risks he was unsure about. Robert Frost highlights the importance of making choices and taking risks in his poem” The road not taken”. The poem emphasizes the fact that choosing to explore and taking risks makes life worth living. Throughout “The road not taken”, Robert Frost uses figurative language, imagery, symbolism, the rhyme scheme and the mood to convince the reader that being adventurous in life has beautiful outcomes.
Figurative language is extensively used throughout the poem in order to illustrate the speakers zest for life. Personification can be identified throughout the poem as he was describing one road that “bent in the undergrowth” (I.5) and the other that” was grassy and
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The “yellow wood” and “grassy “path demonstrate the speakers zest for life. This spurs the sense of exploration and adventure in the readers. It creates a brighter, colorful view of life. The poem is set in autumn which is when trees shed their leaves and grow new ones, much like what the speaker wants to do. He wants to grow by taking risks and acting in response to his instincts.
Almost all elements of the poem are considered symbolism. The “Two roads” symbolize life and the choices a person has to make alone. This describes the state the speaker was in.” Sorry I could not travel both” symbolize the speakers regret and sorrow for not being able to take both paths and experience both journeys.
The rhyme scheme, ABAAB, allows the poem to flow from one stanza to the other. In the first stanza, the rhyme between “wood”, “stood”, and “could” makes the poem more musical. This adds to the outgoing and uninhibited spirit of the speaker. The rhyme between “black” and “back” functions in the same way. It helps in setting the stage and enabling the reader to envision the character’s position. All in all, the rhyme scheme reflects the speaker’s personality and
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