Robert Frost Accomplishments

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Regarded as the "unofficial poet laureate of the United States," Robert Frost was a prolific and dedicated writer. Throughout his life, he penned dozens of works that all accredited to his popularity. Robert Frost is arguably America's greatest poet, among many other honorable titles. Although he is no longer living, his works live on in the minds and hearts of those he inspired. The many trials of his early life, his extensive writing career, and leading contributions proclaim the adeptness of Frost and his oeuvre.
The story of Robert Frost begins on March 26, 1874, in San Fransisco, California, where he was born. Frost called this home for the first eleven years of his life, until the death of his father. Soon after, Frost and his family moved cross-country to Lawrence, Massachusetts. It was there that Frost attended Lawrence High School and met Elinor White, who would later
At the time, poetry was a "young man's game," and Frost was hardly young. Not only did he challenge and disprove that notion, but he also wrote in a way that was the exact opposite of his fellow poets. Frost embraced and mastered the metrical form, and proved so in his writing. While the others in his day were focused on using free verse, Frost brought "old ways to be new." It was a culmination of adroitness in many literary devices that made Robert Frost the exceptional author that we all know.
On that note, Robert Frost is truly one of if not the greatest American Poet. His early life, writing career, and major contributions to literature all bring distinction to his name. Even though Frost is no longer alive, his work resounds among the many who read his literature. Robert Frost was a true inspiration to many writers of today and will be for years to come. There is no better way, to sum up the life of Robert Frost than one of his quotes, "A poem begins in delight and ends in
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