Robert E. Lee

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In 2003, Roy Blount Jr. published the book Robert E. Lee through the Penguin Group Inc. This book is different then other books published about Lee due to the fact that this book looks behind the man in uniform, and shows how Lee became the legend that we know today. Blount brings an element of humor that some would not expect to find when writing about Lee. Through this type of writing, Lee transforms into the everyday person who we all can relate to. Blount takes the reader through the life of Robert E. Lee. However, Blount dances to a different beat while telling the story of Lee. There are some details about Lee that have been overlooked or ignored by other writers that Blount made prominent in this biography. One of these is Lee’s humor when it comes to the word “Pussyism” (57). This word was used when referring to the Oxford movement in the Church of England. Lee walked into conservation between two junior officers and declared, “Beware of Pussyism! Pussyism is always bad, and may lead to unchristian feeling; therefore beware of Pussyism!”(58). Lee is brought alive into the readers mind by this type of humor. Blount begins the journey through Lee’s life with Lee’s father, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee. Henry was a Revolutionary War hero who went bankrupt and disgraced the Lee name. When Robert was a young child his father went to Baltimore to assist in the defense of a newspaper that was opposed to the war o...

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