Robert E. Lee

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Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was the best General for the South, and out witted every Union General that was put against him. To Southerners, General Robert E. Lee is like a god figure to them. He inspired southerners even when the North dominated on the battle field, and is still praised by some radical believers in the confederate states. To the North, Robert E. Lee was a traitor to the United States and even lost his citizenship. Although he lost the war, Robert E. Lee is still a major face in history.

Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia. Robert was the fourth child of Major General Henry Lee III, Governor of Virginia, and of his mother, Anne Hill Carter who was an ancestor of Thomas Moore and King Robert II of Scotland through the Earls of Crawford.(Brasington Jr.,Larry) Robert was mainly brought up by his mother who taught him about authority, tolerance, and order. Robert was exposed to Christianity at an early age and learned to accept it devotedly. In 1825, Robert was accepted to West Point. There he learned about warfare and how it was fought. In 1829, Robert graduated 2nd of 46 in his class, but even more extraordinary is that he never got a demerit while attending West Point. Afterward, Lee was appointed to Superintendent at West Point from 1852 to 1855. After he served his appointment, Lee left West Point to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the 2nd Calvary of the Lone Star State (Texas).

(Robert E. Lee. The National Archives) John Brown was an abolitionist who wanted to kill as many slave holders as possible and create an anti-slavery army. On October 16, 1859, John Brown seized the federal armament of 100,000 muskets and rifles from Harper’s Ferry, modern day West Virginia. Within 36 hours, Robert E. Lee was at Harper’s Ferry where he attacked and captured John Brown and the other rebels. This was a major victory for Robert E. Lee and would open up many opportunities for him.

After Harper’s Ferry, Robert was assigned to General Winfield Scott as a staff officer. In 1845, the United States of America and Mexico went to war. Lee’s duties as staff officer were to map the landscape ahead and separate the line of advancement for the United States troops.

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