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Roaring Twenties Essay
Even wonder why the 1920`s in Canada were called the “roaring twenties”? What did it even mean by “roaring”? The roaring twenties was a very impacting time period in Canada, the First World War had just ended, and everything was beginning to get back to normal. There were events in the 1920’s that changed Canada forever. The roaring 20’s were an extremely optimistic time in Canada, there was a positive turn in economy, a major boom in the arts, and a step forward with health care.
The Canadian economy in the 1920’s had a rough start because of the post war problems, but it gradually began to pick up, it made a positive turn by developing new industries, as well, the average consumer income increased, which in the end allowed for a more optimistic country. First, the development of industries allows Canada to have a wider range of opportunities, and money entering the country. For example, it has been stated that: “Though the early 1920's were difficult conditions did improve by the mid 1920's. Foreign investors gained confidence in Canada and as a result new industries were developed. Canada had become the largest wheat exporter in the world” (Economy on the upswing). This shows that Canada had not only started off at a low point and moved forward, but they went above the needed and became number one in the world for a positive economic situation. Therefore this event was very beneficial and made a huge contribution towards a positive turn and optimism in Canada. The positive turn in economy was also created by the increased consumer income, this allowed Canada as a country to become more developed and maintain even more money. For example, in the mid 1920’s there was an economy boom which started to increa...

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...isory body were all established”(Health Milestones). This shows the importance of the establishment of this health department by outlining all of the extra types of division and departments it offers. The more one area can offer, the better. This created optimism in Canada, because the health care creates a healthier and more secure area, which all people of Canada at the time were looking for. In conclusion, the optimism of the 1920’s in Canada was influenced by the mind blowing insulin discovery and the creation of a Canadian department of health.
Canadians had all come to conclusion that the 1920’s were a very optimistic time, from the unexpected yet very positive events that occurred, such as the change in economy, new art forms, and the rapid growth and discovery in health care. Having such an enormous amount of optimism is what makes Canada so strong today.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the roaring twenties were a very impacting time period in canada, where the first world war had just ended, and everything was beginning to get back to normal.
  • Explains that the canadian economy in the 1920's had a rough start because of the post war problems, but it gradually began to pick up, and the average consumer income increased.
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