Roanoke Island

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More than for hundred years ago, Europeans wanted to set up colonies in the New World (Boyd 1). For the colonists the New World meant the present-day continents of North and South America (Boyd 1). England settled Roanoke Island present-day Virginia. Sir Raleigh soon became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I (Aron 1). Sir Walter Raleigh obtained a patent from Queen Elizabeth I to found a colony in the New World (Encyclopedia Americana International Edition 1). In 1585, Sir Raleigh sent a few men to investigate the New World (Pavao 1). John White accompanied the explorations of Chesapeake Bay (Wolfe 1).
The first English settlement was on its way to the New World. Raleigh’s cousin, Sir Richard Grenville, sent seven ships loaded with colonists to establish a colony (Strokes 1). The seven vessels were the Tyger, Lyon, Elizabeth, Roebuck, Dorthy, and two smaller ships (The First English Colony 1). The First English colony on Roanoke was founded in 1585, twenty-two years before Jamestown and thirty-seven years before the pilgrims landed on Massachusetts (Lane 1). The people landed on Roanoke, which is now present-day Virginia (Pavao 1). The first colonists that landed on Roanoke were all men (Boyd 1). The colonists were more interested in finding gold than establishing a permanent settlement (American Heritage New Illustrated History Of The United States 1).
The colonists would come to a misfortune of events. When the first people landed in Roanoke it was too late to plant crops (The First English Colony 1). Even if it was early enough to plant crops Roanoke Island was not productive enough to support the colonists and the Native Americans (Lost Colony 1). The colonists quickly came to depend on the Native Americans for food (Aron 1). ...

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