River of Suns Enjoys The Spotlight

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River of Suns Enjoys The Spotlight Being able to play on any nationally aired program is a great opportunity for any emerging band; being able to play on New Music Live is even better. Brad White and Raquel Tolmaire approached River of Suns to record a three song set to be aired on the CW and Fuse beginning at the end of July. White and Tolmaire had met the two original members many moons ago when the duo contributed to a VH1 Saves the Music Benefit Concert. The foursome kept in touch over the years so when the band was offered a feature on the show via email they happily agreed to tape the program. Taping at the Hollywood Swing House was a great way for the River of Suns new line-up to soak in some experience before a live audience. Bassist Asa asserted, “We actually enjoyed the audience as they really helped us get through the production and gave us great energy when we were performing in front of the cameras.” Benefits of taping at the Swing House in Hollywood include locale alongside the fact the space is shared by many of today’s leaders in music. “Anytime we take a stage it's fun for me to think about all the established acts who started and played in the same spot,” Asa states. Breaking in a line-up when you are playing in a space that is also special to others reminds you to make the most of the opportunity. Asa articulates, “Swing House is in the heart of Hollywood and for the last 15 years has been the rehearsal/recording space for big music acts like Augustana, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, The Fray, Band of Horses, Iggy Pop and Maroon 5. So, taping in the same space was pretty cool!” Self-approval is important when you are entering into foreign territory. Luckily, the production ran reasonabl... ... middle of paper ... ... the end, getting your music on a series is a positive thing, but I think you also need a killer live show, killer songs to compete, and have staying power as a new band.” The bright bassist known as Asa makes the River of Suns a band you want to see live. Regardless, live music can be as accessible as a TV program if you have a highly demanding schedule and few spare minute to hear new bands. New Music Live will feature the three songs that best reflect the band’s current identity. Viewers will continue to follow the development of River of Suns because the down-to-earth rock band is easy to be around, fascinating to view in a live setting, and most of all support show their support of the group by continuing to attend live concerts. River of Suns will soon be streaming across your TV screen or simply check out the programs website for extras that were not aired.

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