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Ritchie Valens album review Ritchie Valens was a Mexican American singer that died in a plane crash at the age of 17. Ritchie influenced futures groups like Los Lonely Boys, Carlos Santana and Los Lobos. Ritchie was the pioneer of Chicano Rock, in a young age he found the love in music. As a kid he started playing different types of instrument Ritchie’s dad was who encourage him to keep going. Ritchie’s inspiration to music was Flamenco guitar, Mexican Mariachi, R&B and Little Richard as he was in this type of environment grow-ing up. When Ritchie’s father died in a car accident, he was devastated as he was less than ten years’ old. He was forced to occupied himself into the music as a way of deal-ing with the loss of his dad. At the…show more content…
Other artist that were a landmark in 1959 when Ritchie Valens Album was released, were Elvis Presley with A Date with Elvis, Jonny Cash with Greatest and Art & The Jazz Messenger with At the Jazz Corner of the World to name a few. I personally don’t know how to base the order of an album, but if I would have had to choose the order I would had picked differently. I think as “Donna” his greatest hit and fallowing “La Bamba” I would put “Donna” in side 1 as the first song and “La Bamba” as the first song in side 2 in which it is. The remaining of the song I would alternate with ballads and the dancing rhythms songs. For example, side 1 “Donna”, “Ooh, My Head”, “In a Turkish Town”, “Boney-Moronie”, That’s My Little Suzie”, Framed” Side 2 “La Bamba”, “We Belong Together”, “Hi Tone”, “Dooby Dooby Wah”, “Bluebirds Over The Mountain”, “Come On, Let’s Go”. In this album I think I be-lieve Ritchie Valens album has variety of music as it has songs for those that likes to dance and romantic more meaningful and for people that like the traditional rock and roll. The whole album is consistent as he uses basic rock and roll instrumentation with the emphasis on the…show more content…
I think that the sound in this album sound okay as there is some songs that you can hear the lower quality, of course comparing it to now in days’ records. But probably for its time was good sound. There are two songs I like one is for the dancing rhythm of rock and roll and beat and the other one for the meaningful lyric the first one is “La Bamba”, this is a song that I heard as I was growing up. This song was an influ-ence of Veracruz Folk as I’m familiar with as I was a dancer and a teacher of Folklorico, I guess I choose it because it brings memories when I was a teenager. “La Bamba” in the Ritchie Valens Album was filled by the traditional melody but with a rock drive. There are several instruments that are played in this song for example string bass, pi-ano, electric guitars and drums and can’t forget the vocalist Ritchie Valens. I feel that in this song the electric guitar is the star of the instruments as you are able to hear it more and it also has a solo in the song. Even though “La Bamba” was not a number one hit when it was first released it was still a hit song as it was different from what people was listening to in the 1958, it became popular after his dead and a number one hit after the movie La Bamba. The second song I want to talk about is “Donna” this song was writ-ten by Ritchie Valens as an admiration to his school sweetheart. When this song was released in

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