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ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a psychological disorder prone to ethical issues within its treatments through the use of Methylphenidate otherwise known as Ritalin, Ritalin is the current leading form of pharmacological treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and there has seen a dramatic increase in prescription rate over the past ten years, which have raised some ethical issues with its prescription. There are no present biological basis for ADHD diagnosis results in physicians making their diagnoses based on behavioural symptoms such as hyperactivity and inability to focus. Considering that these symptoms are behaviours that anyone may express at one point in their life, the risk of over-diagnosis of the disease increases. This may subsequently lead to over-prescription of Ritalin. Diagnosing ADHD is particularly difficult in young children as its symptoms are based on judgements of behaviour relative to other children who portray ‘normal behaviour’, however the symptoms of ADHD can be seen as normal behaviour for children as it normal for some children to be hyperactive. A review of prescription data for 300,000 children ages 19 and younger showed that, for the first time in history, spending for medications for childhood behaviour problems was more than the expenditure on any other child drug category, including drug like antibiotics. This evidence raises concerns over the possibility of Ritalin and its over-prescription for ADHD, especially in children as the disorder is mainly seen in childhood. Defining ADHD is still subjected to debate, and it has been observed that diagnosis of the disease is increasing as the diagnostic criteria changes, thereby leading to an over-diagnosis ...

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...ments. In psychotherapy the psychologist must ensure that there is a high level of trust between him and the patient. There must also be high confidentiality rate between both parties. Only at necessary times should a patient’s record be disclosed to third parties. There must also be set boundaries between the patient and his or her psychologists and there must be no form of sexual interaction between both parties. In terms of pharmacological treatments with patients who suffer from ADHD, the over prescription of Ritalin must be revised as more and more young children are forced to take the drug which often times leads the child to lose his or her freedom of personality. These ethical issues must be looked into as these drugs are given to children so that they can fit into a socially normal behavioural society which in turns makes them be subject of discrimination.

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