There are numerous of different risks people are faced with throughout their life. In some cases risks are what help define who we are, or are simply just obstacles that conquer us or we conquer. Some people have found that by taking risks it has left them with nothing, and others have found it has only brought them great things. A few risks people face throughout their lives are risks such as what workforce to enter, which friends should be trusted, and one of the biggest risks of all is being vulnerable to falling in love. The only way to truly appreciate the things gained and lost in life is by taking risks, and the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing at all.

One of the risks that most people face in life is deciding which friends are truthful and sincere, and which friends are not worthy of a friendship at all. By taking on this risk you are allowing yourself to become susceptible to possible disappointment and harm. Friends in life come and go, and it takes years to create a strong bond between two or more people. Yes, bonds are easily made, but to create a bond that can’...
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