Risk Management: Legal Responsibility

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Liability means that someone has a legal responsibility that is owed to someone else and in businesses liability cases are usually addressed and settled with some form of denomination or compensation. When hospitals are involved with liabilities it can be very costly when litigation is formed. Managing a hospital and knowing the risks involved helps to decreases litigations and possible liabilities. Being compliant and understanding the laws and what is required of the hospital can help minimize any further liabilities and decreases the chance of using a lawyer to represent the hospital in a law suite.
Minimizing Liability
Anyone who has ever been to a hospital or worked at a hospital knows that there are many systems put in place to keep people safe. Starting at the ground level in a hospitals attempt to minimize liabilities is human resource (HR). Hiring staff at a hospital is very important when it comes to minimizing liability, background checks are done on all employees and making sure that special employees such as nurses and doctors are properly licensed, are important in starting out the process of minimizing the businesses liability. HR is not only around to make sure the proper people are hired, HR is also charged with addressing employees that are problematic and finding ways to address predicaments that arise within the workforce.
Direct Liability is when the business is the one at fault and could have prevented the problem in the first place. In a hospital setting an example of a direct liability would be if a negligent doctor at a hospital was kept on staff. If the doctor was still employed even after several negligent acts occurred then the hospital would be directly liable for any harm that came to patients becau...

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