Risk Management Information System Made For Today 's World

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Maptycs – A new - and better - risk management information system made for today’s world. Meet Maptycs – Empowering Users, Protecting Data Maptycs is a new generation of risk management information system that leverages big data and cloud technologies to manage high volumes of external and internal information for powerful analysis of property risk exposure and business interruption. Maptycs puts the user in control, allowing them to manage and analyze their locations, finances, policies, claims, and more. Best of all, Maptycs can help users gain strategic insight into their business. Maptycs offers a new risk management information system – one that’s effective, user-friendly, and affordable. It’s a Risky World Out There It’s common knowledge. Businesses face an unprecedented number of threats and risks today. You can’t turn on the TV or surf the web without hearing about another security breach. No one is immune. Both big and small businesses are vulnerable. To combat these ongoing threats, businesses must collect and analyze large volumes of internal and external information. Sure, there are risk management information systems available to help assess and manage a company’s total risk exposure, but they’re not perfect. Current risk management information systems are far from user-friendly, and most are expensive, putting them out of the reach of smaller businesses. We don’t think that’s right, so we created Maptycs. The Maptycs Solution to Risk The Maptycs team noticed that, even though the risk landscape was changing, the available risks management information systems were not keeping up. That’s why we decided to create a new and revolutionary risk management information system that utilizes the latest technolo... ... middle of paper ... ...e Future of Maptycs Maptycs is poised for success and we plan to expand on what we’ve already accomplished. • Maptycs is entering our promotion phase. We will increase our marketing and sales efforts by hiring five business development professionals to manage and drive sales. • Maptycs developers are finishing the latest version of Maptycs, and we plan to add additional modules in the future, including supply and compliance. Funding for Maptycs’ Future Maptycs has big plans going forward, but we need help from investors to reach our goals. • For this round of fundraising, Maptycs’ goal is $1.5 million. Maptycs is a new generation of risk management information system. An investment in Maptycs is an investment in the future of risk management. Interested in being a part of the future of Maptycs? See our contact information below, and let’s start talking today.
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