Rise of the Machines

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Are computers going to replace the human thought? How many times do you see yourself going to www.google.com or some other search engine to find even the simplest information? Computers have invaded the very core of learning, schools. This principle vicinity that was intended to establish the foundation of thought and comprehension; however, the educational system continues implement more and more courses that use and require some form of computer activity. The days of writing by hand, reading books, social insight, and self discovery is at a near end, to be replaced with the impractical use of computers. The main concerns of this implementation are that education used to be about research, problem solving, critical thinking, and human analysis. Now through this submission of computers, education is not about the research, the focus has become how fast find the answer can be discovered. Computers offers a lazy point and click approach that may have the answers, but offers no real meaning. Computers are taking away not only basic skills, but the need to develop them at all. The slothful lifestyles computers offer has already infiltrated many if not all educational sites. Although, they do have many great attributions the argument made by David Gelernter “challenges the widely held view that computers are always a “godsend” in the class rooms.”(Gelernter 356) The use of computers in the classroom has become increasingly more acceptable. Students unaware or unwilling to search alternatives, have become indulged in this computer feed education. Assignments requiring sources or other research requirements can easily be found online, un-intently encouraging the one source answer, eliminating the necessitate to go to the library or re... ... middle of paper ... ...l result in simple thinking, critical thinking is educational. There is an feeling behind education that a computer cannot reflect, it is personnel drive. Seeking out information is choice, to learn or not to learn that is the question? Thinking for oneself needs to be the number one skill promoted in the educational atmosphere. What is the point of learning? If not, but to enhance ones’ abilities. Having software is good and should be used like any and all other tools. But turning education into an all tools environment is not teaching anything. Learning by doing, allowing opportunity to think for one self, supported through research, and analysis, this should be the focus for the educational backbone. Education has to continue, if not for any other purpose, but to stimulate the mind, exploring learning alternatives to the one modem that matters, the human mind.

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