Rise of Mussolinin and Hitler

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Mussolini and Hitler are two of the worlds most famous destructive and controlling leaders that have ever had the privilege of coming to power. Both worked their way up to power with the help of the people who were unfulfilled with their government system. Both promised freedom but turned around and ruled with a dictatorial feeling, and made the people worship them with fear. Some people question what history would be like today if neither of them came to power. Some believe that the 20th century while others believe that things may have been worse for the world.
After World War I Italy was in complete chaos. Citizens were going on strike, taxes were rising, and the government was separated into two feuding parties. Looking back at these conditions, one can understand why the people supported such a man as Mussolini. He was an extreme nationalist, a powerful leader, and he had a plan to figure out how to control the pandemonium of Italy’s people. With the support of Veterans and unsatisfied people, he soon became leader of the fascist party. With the help of his black- shirted “combat squads”, Mussolini’s power kept rising. He inevitably took almost complete control, claiming the title II Duce. To keep his support he rigged elections, censored the press, and sowed fear throughout the peoples lives. Soon enough Italy became a fascist hell. Men were forced to become ruthless, women were rewarded for having over fourteen children, and children were taught to obey strict military laws.
After learning all of this one would think that Italy would have been much better off without the power and influence of Benito Mussolini, and that could have been true. But if the situation is looked upon differently, one could see how the situation i...

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...eighteen he applied to an art school in Vienna, but sadly for him he was turned down. Some people wonder what the future of Germany would have been like if Hitler had got accepted into that art school. Quite frankly, it seems that Germany would have been better off. Yes, there would still be those who despised the Weimar Republic, but in the long run no one could have achieved what Hitler did.
All around the world historians still question what the world would be like today if both Mussolini and Hitler had never come to power. Some believe the world would be better off without them, but others say the world would be in a worse state. Honestly, even with all of the arguments over who is right no one will ever know if the world would be the better or worse if it weren’t for these two men.

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