Rise and Fall of the World Wide Web

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Before the World Wide Web was developed people used computers for things such as playing games, writing papers and financial accounting. But as time went on people began to wonder how the computer and its technology would develop in the near future. In 1989 a document was submitted to a management team by Tim Berners-Lee which was soon to create the World Wide Web. “Tim Berners-Lee was a software engineer at CERN and he understood the unrealized potential of millions of computers connected together through the internet” (World). After much research and work he created this proposal which included a specified set of technologies that would make the internet very useful and accessible to people. Though he ran into initial setbacks he was able to create this proposal and “three fundamental technologies that remain the foundation of today’s Web which include: HTML, URL and HTTP” (World). It wasn’t until April of 1993 that CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be open for anyone to use.
Bubble Growth
Since then the Web has changed the world perhaps becoming the most powerful communication medium the world has ever known. The World Wide Web has essentially altered the way we inform and are informed, buy and sell, teach and learn, share and collaborate, meet and love and tackle problems. When the World Wide Web was created it opened up so many opportunities for people all over the world. With the way the Web had taken off it seemed as if the Internet was going to become the future of business. Once the World Wide Web took off it caused consumers to gather to the internet and investors from all over were getting involved. The “Stock Market soared on technology and Internet stocks, IPOs were all the rage and the sky was the limi...

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... rising of the web brought many opportunities for internet companies and investors as well as consumers. When the World Wide Web came about investors took it as an opportunity to gain more revenue and began investing in many companies with lots of money not thinking about any risks that might be involved. When the internet bubble burst it affected investors and companies greatly. Investors lost extensive amounts of money and many companies were forced to go bankrupt. Once the bubble burst investors and companies were able to learn about mistakes they made in which would help them in their future financial decisions. After the stock market crash/bubble burst things started to get back on track. The rise and fall of the World Wide Web really impacted our economy and was a learning experience for the major people affected such as investors and the companies themselves.

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