Rise Of Infidelity

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Infidelity is the world’s oldest reason for divorce and is increasingly the most common reason for divorce (Meltzer 2011). Technology has created a market even so for infidelity with sites such as AshleyMadison.com in which married individuals can seek other married people to have discrete affairs with (Clayton, Nagurney, and Smith 2013). Many people have a social media account that serves many purposes to the individual, but it also has become a tool of infidelity and is beginning to be studied on how it contributes to the rise of infidelity . Infidelity is not the only reason people may divorce though as every couple that divorces has their own individual reasons varying from lack of connectivity to different views on finances (Votruba, Brayer, Ellman, and Fabricius 2014:257) There is a huge correlation of finances being a decisive factor for divorce because money may not buy happiness, but it certainly can add or…show more content…
In many past societies marriages were a gift of being rich and having status in society and would usually be something that families would arrange (Furtado et al. 2013:1015). The idea of marrying out of love is a noble idea and one would believe the statistics for the happiness of those involved of chosen marriages would produce positive outcomes. It was once not a choice and many nobles in marriages learned to deal with the hands they were dealt with because death was more likely before divorce. Many people are falling out of love or giving up too easily and society is taking away the stigma of being one who has participated in a divorce (Furtado et al. 2013:1029). This disappearance of the stigma is a moral issue that varies depending on the geographical location an individual is located in. It would be assumed that children of the millennial generation would be the likely individuals getting divorced more often than any generation, but empirical evidence suggests
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