Rise And Impact Of Islam

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In an era filled with limited backbone and unethical decision making, comes the events leading up to the birth of Islam. Islam will fill the void the people needed in that region at that time. Islam impacted the Middle Eastern region in many ways, it affected the people’s way of living and their cultures in a positive way. Where the people then flourished and boomed into something a lot bigger and better then what they were before. Many changes occur in this era, changes for the better. It can be perceived as a culture shock to those who first interact with this forming of a new society and religion.
After the events leading up to the creation and the beginning of Islam, many were indecisive on what decision to make. Stick to what you know, which is paganism. Or embrace the comings of a new religion and the coming of a new society. The way of life began to change in this time. Arabs before the impact of Islam were admirable to their loyalty. Also for their generosity, and honor, towards those in their tribes and the allies of their tribe. The tribes often inherited specific positions, roles, or responsibilities in their small knitted community. After the impact of Islam the way of life changed significantly due to Muslims beginning to see each other as a brother hood. They became more compassionate in what they were doing. They all also became a lot more focused on the lord, and the lord’s requirements of them (Zufari).
The social organizations also changed from the pre Islamic era to the post Islamic era. It changed because Arabs were once divided in to specific tribes. Each of the individual’s identity was closely tied between them and their tribal affiliations and also to the roles that they had with in the tribe. If you were...

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... the architecture and the calligraphy which designs the mosques. Which is the prayer of worship for Muslims. Mosques contain lots of calligraphy and illuminations of verses from the Quran (Zufari).
Islam impacted the region in many ways, it affected the people and the culture in a positive way. Where the people the flourished from their success. Their success being the formation of multiple empires throughout different periods of time where they were seen as the top empire of the time. The empire that benefited the world the most. Till this day many mosques still have calligraphy and many artistic traits and characteristics from the days of the spread of Islam. Through many hardships and difficulties Muslims faced in the past they still came up and are known to be the fastest growing religion of all time. And is now seen as the second largest religion in the world.
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