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If you were asked to identify an incident that sparked the rioting, what would that incident be? Was there more than one incident? Was there one riot or more than one? The main incident that sparked the rioting was the inefficiency and criminal negligence of the police authorities of Chicago, during riots. During the riot, when the white police officer did not arrest the white man who was responsible for Eugene Williams death and instead arrested a negro. This incident was followed by an objection by blacks. The objections held by them were faced with violence by the whites. A leader among the whites(mob) threatened Provident Hospital, whose patients were mostly the black Americans. They were held by the police to treat the injured patients. During the riot, the police force was open to criticism. They were charged for the unwillingness to arrest the white rioters. Those whites arrested were immediately released. At this point, a white man carrying weapons was arrested with his group and in a few minutes was released along with his five people and was told that they would need it before the night is over. There was more than one rioting which was the outcome of attacks by the whites in the city’s Black Belt located to the South Side. The Blacks suffered property damage, and steel cables were placed across streets to prevent Fire brigades from entering the areas. The governor of the state was planning to drive the residents out of town. Speculate about the purpose and makeup of the white “athletic clubs” that played such an important part in the riot? What do you think they were? In the article the phrase “athletic clubs” is in quotation. Why? In Chicago, the Irish were a dominant group with a significant amount of political influe... ... middle of paper ... ... evidence of this statement do you see in this article? Yes it is true that whenever friction arises between the races, the suffering is usually endured by the innocent. Eugene Williams, the boy who was seventeen was killed as he was not involved in the riot. Five white men were injured in clashes near the beach who had nothing to do with the riot. Twenty seven negroes being innocent were beaten, stabbed and shot. Street cars were closed and became the center for lawlessness. Innocent negros were dragged into the streets and were beaten severely. On the other hand, four white men were killed, six of the innocents were stabbed and nine shot. Raids in the negro area began. Automobiles sped through the streets, the occupants over there were shooting aimlessly. Due to this reason, elevated car service was discontinued, and thousands of employees were cut off from work.

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