Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Process Service Request

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Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Process Service Request

May/Baxter Incorporated is an Information Technologies company and a leading business analyst and software design company. We provide professional system solutions to companies with post modern automation integrated systems, and consumer and cost analysis. We specialize in multi-user environments and the System Development Life Cycle.

We intend to decrease the quantity of human interface, thereby decreasing error and long term labor costs. To fully understand the necessity of the system solutions we supply, we first ask that you determine if you prefer to cut labor cost, increase delivery speed, decrease inventory errors and overall increase customer satisfaction. If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, then it is safe to say you are interested in beating your competition in the most aggressive markets of our time. At May/Baxter Incorporated we pride ourselves in our high client satisfaction. Our post implement client assistance is 2nd to none, with 24 hour support. At May/Baxter we feel that if your customers are not satisfied, then we have not done everything we can to help you, our client succeed.

In the remainder of our analysis we will lay out our plan for your success. Please note, the items addressed are not merely suggestions, but necessities to improving your current system of inventory. With that being said, we recognize that every competitive business entity must look for the most optimum ways to save of saving money, at May/Baxter we have already done this for you. Our proposal will enable Riordan Manufacturing to continue to be the industry standard.

The requirement from Riordan manufacturing is a recommendation of specific systems changes that improve their inventory processes and incorporating computer systems to become more efficient. To successfully take on the process that is detailed within is a willingness to change your current inventory processes to a more technology friendly one. Doing so will accomplish many things. For one; it will improve productivity, which equates to more revenue. Secondly, it will alleviate human error associated with data input, as all processes will be automated, which means a more accurate inventory and accounting process. Thirdly, you will out perform and out last your closest competitor. Incorporating these changes will get you in more close competition with your nearest rival in yearly sales. These
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