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JR Hilcher
English 12
Mrs. Mavrikos
8 March 2014
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Research Paper

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner was published in 1798 by the notorious author Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a first person account of a sailor who had just returned from a long sea voyage. At the beginning, The Mariner decides to stop a man who is on his way to a wedding celebration, as this happens, the Mariner decides to narrate what happened on his trip.
The Mariner, a tan man that is extremely old and malnourished with “a glittering eye” begins his story with his ship getting caught in a treacherous storm and being driven south towards the equator. As the Mariner is in the beginning of his story, the people hear the wedding bells ring. An albatross then appears and becomes friendly with the shipmates, the bird leads them out of Antarctica. The Mariner then shoots the albatross. After he shot the bird, his shipmates are aggravated with the Mariner, they believed that this bird was the miracle that lead their ship out of the South.
Nevertheless, as the weather changed and got better they were happy that the Mariner killed the bird. The shipmates were wrong in supporting the killing of the bird, as the spirits wrath pushed the ship into tumultuous, uncharted waters and the spirits made them face arid conditions which led to dehydration. The shipmates then decide to change their mind again about what happened to the bird and then they confront the Mariner and make him wear the dead bird around his neck.
The Mariner then sees a ship in the water nearby, his mouth is dry because he is dehydrated so he sucks his own blood so he can yell to the incoming ship. The shipmates are happy because they thi...

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...ple as the final lines of the poem.

“He prayeth best, who loveth best All things both great andsmall; 
` For the dear God who loveth us 
 He made and loveth all…” and that is that one should love and respect God and all things on the earth.”
This work is a staple in British Literature, it has moral values that will never cease in our world. It has biblical allegories referring to Jesus Christ. The albatross hung around the neck refers to Jesus dying on the cross and The Mariner shooting the albatross is compared to Jesus. The sun and the moon symbolize God as does the Albatross. That in itself is a reason to use this book in life as It can really help one get moral values and live life to the fullest. This poem should be known as a moral lesson by everyone because the lessons told in this story are ones one should never forget.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that one should love and respect god and all things.
  • Opines that the poem should be known as a moral lesson by everyone because the lessons told in it are ones one should never forget.
  • The rime of the ancient mariner was published in 1798 by samuel taylor coleridge.
  • Explains that samuel taylor coleridge's poem, the rime of the ancient mariner, is a walkthrough of what one should be in life.
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