Rights and Freedom Safeguarded in the American Constitution

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The Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution to help safeguard the rights of the American people. But when it was time for ratification, many Americans leaders did not agree with certain parts of the Constitution. They felt that it did not give the people many rights. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments, was added to the Constitution four years after the American government was organized (Mount, 2001). This essay will reflect on the rights guaranteed to American citizens, and the guaranteed freedom that is most relevant to me personally.

However, the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, were adopted in the United States Constitution in 1791 after the states ratified and approved them. The First amendment guaranteed freedom of religion. A person has the freedom to practice whatever religion they prefer and if they prefer not, is their choice. Congress cannot support one religion over another: freedom of speech, one has the freedom to express their opinions about anything of interest to them as long as they do not harm another person by what they are saying: freedom of press, one has the freedom to express their opinions or ideas in writing, this can include the newspaper, books, magazines, or any other printed material: freedom of assembly, one has the freedom to assemble in public places to hold meeting for a particular purpose as long as it is done peacefully. Riots and protest are not considered as a peaceful assembly: the freedom of petition allow Americans to confront the government on things they feel are against their human rights as stated in the Bill of Rights; they may contact Congress about their grievances.

The Second amendment guaranteed the right to keep and bear arm in order to maintain a well regula...

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...way to eternity. The other freedom guaranteed is the Second amendment, freedom of speech. What a life one would endure if someone else had to speak for them and they had no say so about things that involved their life. Someone telling you when, how and what you can say. And the one that really stand out for me is the right to equal justice, the Fifth Amendment. There was a time when I had to defend my rights in a court of law.

In conclusion, the United States Constitution was written by a committee known as the Committee of Style and Arrangement. Our Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that all Americans would be guaranteed freedom to live a life of happiness with protection and free will. The Constitution (Bill of Rights) guaranteed equal fairness. The first ten amendments were designed to protect people from unfairness from the federal government and society.
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