Right to Die Laws

Right to Die Laws
As he gently stroked her cheek, his mind produced a snapshot of all the wonderful memories they have had throughout their thirty years together. He remembered the day she first moved into the neighbor. She was the most beautiful ten year old that he had ever seen. The first time he gazed into her brown eyes, he knew that he would love her until the end of his days and beyond. His mind flashed forward to their first day of school, their first date, their first kiss, their first dance, their college days, their wedding, the birth of their kids, and all the glorious years and memories they made and had together. While gazing at her lovingly, he didn’t see the woman that was suffering from terminal brain cancer, but he saw her as gorgeous as she was the day that he met her. Unknowingly he tightly squeezed her hand; he couldn’t picture his life without her. If she died, a part of him would also go with her.
A single tear rolled down her cheek. Even though she was too weak to fully open her eyes, she knew he was there. He was always there. She could feel his presence. Goodbyes were so hard for her, especially when she knew she would hurt him and her kids so much. They were everything to her. She wished she could stay and fight for them, but it was just not in the plan. Earlier in her illness, she told him that she didn’t want them to see her suffer. Her kids would be devastated to see her in this condition. The need to get away from the excruciating pain and give into the deep sleep that was slowly coming upon her was relentless. Using the last of her energy before sleep could take over; she slowly pried her eyes open. As she moved her had to caress his cheek, he looked at her and smiled. Selfishly she thought to he...

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...nd. A lot of time and care goes in to taking care of a terminally ill patient. Usually doctors and nurses are diligent in watching over terminally ill patient and sometimes other patients do not receive as much attention. With right to die, doctors and nurses can focus on saving someone that has a chance to live instead of just waiting to die.
There are few things that are constant in life. Death is one of those things. Everyone will die one day; however, most people would like the option to choose when, where, and how they die. With right to die laws, this option is made probable. Terminally ill patient are giving the option to die with dignity and in comfort; instead of suffering for numerous years with no hope of getting better. Although deemed unethical, “ungodly”, and unconstitutional by some, no one wants to watch their loved ones suffer.
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