Right Wing Resurgence

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Right Wing Resurgence In the mist of a disgruntled working class, one Austrian born man rose to power, playing on their fears of immigrants, unemployment and globalization. By mixing social populism, xenophobia, German nationalism with personal charisma, he was able to make his political party one of the strongest in his nation. Many would believe that this would be a description of the infamous dictator Adolph Hitler. Rather, it is a description of Jorg Haider, recent governor of the Austrian state of Carinthia and former leader of the Austrian Freedom Party. Austria's freedom party has increased it's power significantly in the last few years. No other party in Austria has more workers among its voters. Also the Austrian Freedom party is the strongest party among male voters. In the Austrian Parliament, the party currently occupies 53 of the 183 seats in the Nationalrat, and 14 of the 64 seats in the Bundesrat (Stas). In Carinthia, the Freedom Party won a majority with 42 percent of the vote, causing the Israel to recall it's ambassador to Austria. The European Union threatened to cut off ties as well (The Economist). Traditionally, radical right wing parties in Europe have not been seen as serious competitors in European elections. However, recently a new resurgence in the radical right has been spreading across Europe. In some European nations like Austria and Switzerland, these right wing parties have become key players in government. While in other countries like France and Italy, right wing parties are essentially powerless and divided among factions. Whatever the case may be, the popularity of ultra conservatism is growing and becoming more visible throughout Europe. While there are radical right ... ... middle of paper ... ...ve yet to be proven. These are the challenges that right wing parties will have to face in order to survive. Bibliography: Works Cited: Cava, Marco R. "Racism threatens European Unity." USA Today. March 5 1999. 01A. Fleck, Fiona. "Resurgent far Right Raises Specter of Nazis. Reuters. June 2 1998. Ford, Peter. "Right Gaining Grounds in Parts of Europe." CSM. October 22 1999. 1. "Haider says will stand For Chancellor in Austria." Reuters. March 9 1999. 18-20. Heneghan, Tom. "Far Right Varies Widely Across European Union. Reuters, December 9 1999. Stas, Karl. "Radical Right Wing Populism in Western Europe." Newsweek. January 15 2000. 13-18. "Right Wing Populists Then and Now: Like and Unlike." The Economist. October 17 1998. 19-23.

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