Ridiculous Fear

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What’s a fear? Is it an unpleasant feeling that occurs anxiety or is it all in your mind how things can seem so horrifying to do till you do it from time to time they can be such a ridiculous fear. Ridiculous fear can take place in countless different ways. Some fears can be overcome so easily and when you think about it you think to yourself how absurd you were over that fear, funny isn’t it. I personally overcame three ridiculous fears throughout my life: driving, height and the darkness. Original driving was one of my ridiculous fears, it would seem simple to other people, but for me was more of fear of messing up in the process of learning. I learn the tough way by my older brother, with his luxury Lexus IS250. I really didn’t get the chance to drive and get comfortable, before my first real and scary experience was driving on the freeway now I didn’t have any practice at that time, so it was intimidating for me to drive. While on the freeway my older brother was with me at that time at first I was unsteady not confident in my path. Once I hit the road and gain my fai...
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