Rick Perry Pros And Cons

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Alfred A. Montapert once said, “nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices,” stating that individuals will have to live with the negatives, as well as positives, of their decisions. Every person has different beliefs and values to take into consideration when determining the difference between “right” and “wrong.” That being said, one can assume that there is bound to be a division between people that share opposing views. For example, Rick Perry’s decision regarding the HPV vaccine caused an uproar between citizens who reinforced his decision and those who resisted his order. It would be impossible to justify whether Rick Perry made the right choice, being that every one shares different opinions, but there is no…show more content…
He received a tremendous amount of support from several doctors and citizens hoping to prevent cancer growth in their children- the future generation. Several studies have shown that the vaccine itself is harmless, with few reports of mild side effects ( National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, 2015). It would protect the lives of millions of children long before exposure to HPV. Parents who supported governor Rick Perry’s order reinforced the vaccine and the numerous amount of benefits it would provide for young girls and the cost efficiency. HPV vaccines would be available to millions of families in the United States through organizations, such as Vaccines for Children, who provide vaccines at a lower cost, if not free, or coverage by personal insurance (Bassett, 2011). For these parents, the benefits human papillomavirus vaccines have outweighed any risks that may come as a result, and there is nothing wrong about caring for the wellbeing of their daughters. A majority of individuals who support Rick Perry’s decision wholeheartedly believe this is the best option to further protect the lives of those who might affected by the sexually transmitted viruses. However, other people express different opinions and concerns regarding the decision, as expected from a country that allows freedom in beliefs and opinions. It is not to say that one group is right, or one group is wrong, simply that each individual thinks differently and will not always agree on the same
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