Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker"

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“Night Prowler” is a song released in 1979 on AC-DC’s album titled “Highway to Hell”. It would not be until June 28, 1984 that this song would begin to acquire its association with a serial killer. This murderer, rapist, and burglar was born Ricardo Leyva Ramirez. He was commonly referred to as Richard. However, in May of 1985 he was immortalized in the media as “The Night Stalker”. The night-time rampage started in June of 1984. While sleeping in her bed, Jennie Vincow was awakened with repeated stabs in the chest. this shadow of the night slit her throat and nearly decapitated her as the finishing blow. However, the nightmare did not end until Ramirez had intercourse with the seventy-nine year old's life less body. It would be another almost nine months until Richard would strike again. March of 1985, 22 year old Angela Barrio was jumped outside of her condo. He shot her and to the best of his knowledge killed her and then went inside and killed Dayle Okazaki. Angela survived because the bullet Richard shot had bounced off of the keys she had in her hand. About an hour later in Monterey Park another woman fell victim to Richard's bullet. Thirty year old Tsai-Lian Yu was forcefully taken from her car and shot. She died before paramedics could arrive. Ten days later, he struck again. His victims were Vincent and Maxine Zazzarra. He quickly killed the male,Vincent, Richard stabbed Maxine multiple times, carved a “T” on her left breast and gouged her eyes out. Most of these were post-mortem mutilations. He did leave footprints and bullets that matched previous murders and this was the point in time when it was recognized that there was a serial killer on the loose. After another two months, he killed another couple, shooting the... ... middle of paper ... ...brary/crime/serial_killers/notorious/ramirez/delays_8.html Ramsland, K. (n.d.). Night Stalker: Richard Ramirez, famous satanic serial killer ” New Chapter - Ramirez and Satan: Perfect Together? Actuality.. Retrieved December 11, 2011, from Richard Ramirez - Biography. (n.d.). The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Retrieved December 11, 2011, from The Night Stalker“ Richard Ramirez « True Crime Stories. (n.d.). True Crime Stories. Retrieved December 11, 2011, from Young, A., Young, M., & Scott, B. (n.d.). Ac Dc - Night Prowler Lyrics. Lyrics, Song Lyrics – Retrieved December 11, 2011, from

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