Richard Allen

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Richard Allen was enslaved at birth to a family in Philadelphia of a prominent lawyer and officeholder, Benjamin Chew. Allen was sold with his family to Stokely Sturgis, a farmer in Delaware in 1768. In 1777, Allen experienced a religious conversion to Methodist. And then he later purchased his freedom in 1780. Allen was co-founder of the Free African Society in 1787, he helped many during the Yellow Fever Epidemic of Philadelphia in 1793, and he established Mother Bethel’s African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816.
On a Sunday morning Richard Allen and Absalom Jones attended church at St. George’s Church. Jones was asked by one of the trustees to not kneel during prayer, but Jones asked to wait until the prayer was over. But Jones was not given the chance to finish the prayer, and soon another man came to remove him from the church. Being denied the opportunity to worship, Jones, Allen, and other African American members of the church had walked out before the prayer was finished. Allen and Jones had been ejected from the church. From there sprung the Free African Society in 1787...
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