Rhetorical Effect Of Smoking

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Smoking affects much more than just your physical appearance. Smoking is a much bigger problem than anyone really thinks it to be. “Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including nearly 42,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure” (Smoking & Tobacco use). Many people smoke and it is slowly affecting their physical appearance, but along with appearance it is affecting their health too. When people smoke, several problems occur such as throat and or lung cancer, bad breath and yellowing and decaying of teeth. Many people are prone to smoking due to being around smokers. The photo below shows a good representation of some of the negative things that smoking can do to your body.…show more content…
Pathos is emotions that the photo might make a viewer feel. In the photo above, a possible feeling a viewer might feel is shocked and even afraid. When looking at the photo above, the teeth are replaced with cigarette butts. This photo may shock a viewer because the viewer may expect the teeth of a human rather than cigarette butts. Another feeling a viewer may encounter is being disgusted. The photo presents a negative view of smoking. It shows that more may happen to a smoker’s body than they ever expected to ever happen. Lastly, a viewer may even experience sadness. Almost everyone knows someone who smokes, and possibly may know someone who had died from the serious results of smoking. But there is another strategy that the photo above…show more content…
If a viewer is already smoking, they have several options to quit smoking. A viewer of the photo can go cold turkey, wean themselves off smoking so much to the point they are dependant on it anymore, the patches or gum that helps ease someone off smoking dependencies, or even find local help groups for smokers or former smokers. When a viewer of the above is young and isn’t smoking yet, they shouldn’t start. They should learn from the negative things that happen to others and don’t start. Smoking is a serious thing and it affects much more than just a smoker’s

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