Rhetorical Analysis: The Dandelion Wine

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Clearly we are given a sense of recollection buy reading this novel.Remembering parts of our childhood when our imaginations would soar high.In Ray Bradbury's novel The Dandelion Wine the author uses an array of rhetorical devices that emphasize the imagination of the young boy Douglas Spaulding. In the first part of the passage ,the author uses several rhetorical devices such as a simile in lines16-17 and diction in lines 38-39. lines 16-17 Bradbury sets in play a simile to compare Douglas's gaze "he flashes his gaze like a beacon". Bradbury is conveying to the reader that Douglas Spaulding's gaze seemed as if it were a "beacon'.Bradbury utilizes diction which can be found in lines 38-39 "to wake before the crystal jingle in the milk bottles…show more content…
The author uses a simile in lines 42-44 the author compares the streetlights to candles and activate the readers mental eye "the streetlights, like candles on a black cake went out he exhales again and again and the stars began to vanish".This simile helps set the image of Douglas turning of the street lights since it won't be night there anymore. The author also sets in plain lines 58-59 olfactory detail, and tactile imagery "the warm scent of fried batter rose in the drafty halls". The olfactory detail , and tactile imagery help the reader's mental eye of the "somewhat" smell of "the warm scent of friend batter"and touch of "drafty halls".Bradbury finishes off the passage with a metaphor and visual imagery in lines 73-75 and figurative language onomotopia;sonic imagery and metaphor in lines81-83. Bradbury underlines a metaphor and visual imagery "soon, scattering hot blue sparks above it, the town trolley would sail the riveting black street". The author is conveying, a direct association in the readers mind and the visual imagery activates the reader mental eye to picture the "hot blue sparks".Bradbury also sets in play figurative language such as onomotopia and sonic imagery "Mom,Dad,Tom wake upchuck alarms tinkled faintly.The courthouse clocked boomed".The onomotopia gives the reader the chance to
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