Rhetorical Analysis Of Tingle's The Vexation Of Class

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Inventing Not Done Right: Rhetorical Analysis in Nick Tingle’s “The Vexation of Class” The working class stays working and the middle class stays being middle. Author Nick Tingle, wrote “The vexation of class”, he argues that the working class and the middle class are separated educationally based on culture and the commonplace. Tingle uses his own personal experiences and Ethos, to effectively prove his point about the difference in class based on culture ; although, Tingle also falls short by adding unnecessary information throughout the article that weakens his belief entirely. Tingle begins his article by refuting David Bartholomae’s, “Inventing the University”, effectively based on his own social tragedy with the working and middle class. Tingle…show more content…
Tingle starts this by using Newkirk to reinforcing his argument and proving that he is not alone with being vexed by class, “I take Newkirk a step further to assert that commonplaces, as verbal summations of belief”, not only does Tingle effectively reinforces his argument; but, he adds to it which adds development to his whole argument. Furthermore,Tingle also uses Nancy Welch in a similar manor of Newkirk to add to his argument and point out he is not alone with his opinion, “Taken together, Newkirk and Welch hint at the depths of vexation inventing evokes in me”, using Nancy and Newkirk’s similar opinions that Tingle has; overall adds credibility and strength to the argument Tingle attempts to make. Near the end of the article, Tingle also uses Lareau views for the working class household the same as his own, “Lareau notes, significantly less talk occurs in the working-class home.”, emphasizing Tingle’s past points on the working class home, this confirms his argument and brings more credibility to his personal stories throughout
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