Rhetorical Analysis Of The Asq-3

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The professional text that someone in my field would use is the ASQ-3. The ASQ-3 Ages & Stages Questionnaires is designed to screen children’s developmental performance that must be completed by the parents. It is a series of 21 questions with questions ranging in the areas from communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social skills specifically for 36 month to 38 month old toddlers. For the communication section, an example of a question asks is “When you ask your child to point to her ears, feet, hair, eyes, and nose, does she correctly point to at least seven body parts?”. In the gross motor section, a question ask “Does your child jump with both feet leaving the floor at the same time?”. A fine motor question that was asked was, “When drawing, does your child hold a pencil between her thumb and fingers like an adult does?”. The parent filling the questionnaire would bubble either yes, sometimes or not yet. There are 6 questions in each are…show more content…
Brookes Publishing Company in 2009. The purpose of the ASQ-3 is to be used to identify if any children are in need of in-depth evaluation or benefit from the evaluation for developmental delays. The audiences for which it is intended for are directed towards parents or caregivers since they are the ones that is knowledgeable of all that the child is capable of accomplishing. The message is to find out how the child responds in the five areas compared to their peers. The tone of the questionnaire is very interactive, because there are many questions that require testing the child’s abilities to see if they can accomplish a particular task. An example would be to test a child to see if they can follow directions by asking the child to put a book on the table and put a shoe under the table. Then you would write down if the child followed the directions
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