Rhetorical Analysis Of Starbucks

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Starbucks is one of the top coffee retailers in the country. It is important for us to know how to break down and manipulate ads around us, like this Starbucks ad. This advertisement was first published around 2009 it was part of an ad campaign. Some other ads put out on this campaign was “Beware of cheaper coffee”, also implying that a good cup of coffee comes with a price. If we do not learn to break ads down, the ads will start to manipulate us into buying the product. It is important for us to learn this so we can actually control ourselves and things we buy. This Starbucks ad is promoting relaxing morning in the city by using perspective, focus, and text.
The perspective of the Starbucks ad is important because it allows the viewers’ eyes to be drawn to the product. The coffee cup is centered on the right side of the page, and is also level with the camera. It is large and takes up one half of the image. This perspective is what makes the cup look bigger than it really is. In other words, the coffee cup is bigger to draw our attention on the Starbucks Coffee label, which sticks out from the cup. Starbucks is trying to sell to those who love relaxing mornings in the city. Most of these
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The text reads “ If your coffee isn’t perfect we’ll make it over. If it’s still not perfect make sure you 're in a Starbucks.”. This shows a sense of cockiness from the company basically saying they know their beverage is better than everyone else 's. Even by buying this product, it could make you feel younger, because Starbucks is pointed toward more college age students. Starbucks is also known as a college student hangout. On the other hand it can make you feel like an outcast if you do not enjoy Starbucks coffee. Also implying, that it is okay to pay five dollars for a perfect cup of coffee again. It uses repetition and stereotyping in this ad to pull customers
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