Rhetorical Analysis Of Simon Klinek

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741 words

Simon Klinek discusses about how as well as why good leaders are leaders the reasons behind why they do what they do and the reactions these leaders actions cause to those surrounding the leader. The fact in which a person becomes a leader is a matter of choice a willingness to put another person before one’s self the idea of getting the fall so that another is able to triumph and succeed. Simon utilizes ethos pathos logos in an affective manner during his presentation examples are as fallows. For example, back in the day in the early days of homosapien they were so immensely surrounded by danger every where either the whether or carnivorous animals. This caused the homosapien to become social with another which resulted in safety and comfort …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how simon klinek discusses why good leaders are leaders and the reactions their actions cause to those around them.
  • Explains that leadership is a choice to sacrifice one's gain for another. in the early days of homosapien, they were surrounded by danger.
  • Analyzes simon's use of logos in an affective manner. he explains that the environment plays an important role in what makes a leader.
  • Explains that pathos is what a writer does to make the reader feel some type of way either unhappy anger plays with the audience’s emotions.
  • Evaluates simon's credibility by stating that he has prior knowledge about the topic and researched and went into depth on it. he has witnessed leaders in action doing what most civilians would either be afraid or not willing to put someone else life before there.
  • Explains that leaders choose to be leaders and not everyone has this love or willingness to put someone before their self. great leaders are self-made self chosen as well as taking upon themselves great responsibility.

Logos is the approach a writer or in this case a presenter to an audience shows or writes a large amount of information and facts as well as numbers percentages data from other sources but must be cited correctly or it may be just a bunch of big words with no importance but to just make a point come across. In this specific ted talk Simon brings up CEO Charles Kim of a tech company in New York “Next Jump” and his approach when the company they have go through a hard time as many companies come to the topic of laying off people do to hard times. Charles idea was that as a parent most people would choose not to lay off their children to give up on their children so why should the company do such an act instead they developed a program that would guide and coach the people to improve they created a life time of employment in doing so naturally people felt more safe more comfortable. Simon brings a good point that the environment has an immense effect on leaders that the environment is what plays an important part in what makes a leader a leader. It is a feeling an emotion a love that drives people to do things that not everyone would choose to do a person that is willing to sacrifice their comfort zone for others someone who puts other people before themselves. Pathos is what a writer does to make the reader feel some type of way either unhappy anger plays with the audience’s emotions for example when Simon starts his presentation with an event that happened in Afghanistan when captain Swenson a man who would save lives as well as run into fires to retrieve the dead. This event catches the viewer’s attention the hook. Simon utilized pathos in an affective manner do to the fact

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