Rhetorical Analysis Of Logos

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There are numerous genres one can pick to incorporate the use of rhetorical devices. In a rhetorical composition ethos, pathos, logos, diction, and other devices are essential to appeal to an audience and create a persuasive piece. Brochures are a popular choice for rhetorical works as they visually display an author’s thoughts and are relatively easy to make a connection with an audience. The author is able to develop their own style through the use of pictures and words they choose to include. In the brochure I created, it divulged the childhood experiences that shaped what my current values in society are today. The memory of trips to Disney in Florida depicts the importance of personal family values all illustrated in the brochure seen. This brochure encompassed the rhetorical qualities that allowed the audience to be persuaded with the issue concerning making memories.…show more content…
By writing about my personal experience stronger emotional ties can be created since the author experienced what is being discussed in the composition. These memories began to be develop when I was a little kid and more have since been created with each trip. Pathos focuses its attention on the beliefs and values of the intended audience. By describing how the value of family time influenced the decision to make continuous trips to Florida where my “happiest memories” were created clearly portrays pathos. The tone is euphoric and nostalgic as it describes experiences I underwent with my family that I will have to last a lifetime. I later went on to explain how I wants my children to get to go on the same trips. This further strengthens the appeal to the audience of how important memories can be to a person once created. The pictures and descriptive detail add to the emotional connection I was wanting the audience to
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