Rhetorical Analysis Of I Have A Dream Speech

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The speech that I chose was Martin Luther King “I have a Dream” famous speech. I chose this speech because I really do think it is the best speech of all time and is just so interesting and very though out. His speech is an example of a perfect speech I believe. Well to start the overall purpose of “I have a Dream” speech is to encourage and change the views of the American people all over the world and the government. He wants to change the views about the racism and segregation that was going on at the time. What MLK wants is for everyone to unite and try to fix the problem together with no violence. He wants equal rights for everyone and keep equality for all. For example, when he says “but one hundred years later, the negro is still not…show more content…
His body gestures are very stand still but he does use his head and arms a lot in a way that he makes a point and it really shows everyone how string willed and passionate he is about the message he is delivering. His delivery style is very effective to carry the speech across because he is showing his audience what all of that really means to him. His delivery style is extemporaneous because he was very much prepared and had his speech memorized but it wasn't memorized in a way where he sounds like a robot, it is the complete opposite because he knew all of his facts and information. The central claim of the speech is that there shouldn't be any more racism The language that MLK uses is very important towards his speech because he repeats a lot of the same words and phrases like one hundred years later, I have a dream, and let freedom ring. He does that to prove a point and make sure that the audience catches on to how important the things are in which he is repeating
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