Rhetorical Analysis Of ' How Of Tame A Wild Tongue '

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Rhetorical Analysis: “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” The essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua is relevant to today’s society, because it brings to discussion important social issues such acculturation, racism, and sexism. A major social event that she lived through and was an advocate of was the Chicano movement, which influenced her in her writing. This essay is not only written solely using her intelligence and research, it also comes from personal experience. Furthermore, she says that she will not be silenced anymore, that all people deserve the right to freedom of speech and the freedom to their culture. Not to have to submit to the dominant cultures found here in the United States. This essay is directed towards two groups of readers. Those who are going through the same experiences of feeling like your language and cultural are being oppressed by those who believe you must conform to the dominant language or cultural of a country. Also, to those who are part of the dominant culture, the oppressors, Anzaldua is telling then that she is no longer going to conform, that she will have her voice and overcome the tradition of silence. This is Anzaldua 's main claim of the essay, that she will not be silenced. She tells us that she will not feel legitimate or free until she is able to express herself through speech or writing being able to switch from English to Spanish or a combination of the two. Through Anzaldua’s writing she convinces me that, freedom of speech should be for all not just for those whom belong to a dominant culture. In the essay titled “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, Gloria Anzaldua discusses her personal thoughts and beliefs about the differences that immigrants experience when living in the United S... ... middle of paper ... ...don 't answer back. Es una falta de respecto to talk back to one’s mother or father.” Anzaldua’s point is that while all these rules are apply to women they do not apply to the men. The style of this quote shows us that Anzaldua how credible she is when uses Spanish words intertwined with English, also the style ties back to her thesis stating that she will not be silence and wants to be free to interchange between English and Spanish. In conclusion, despite the struggle between speaking English, Spanish, or Chicano, Anzaldua comes to the understanding that she no longer will feel ashamed of her heritage and will choose how she wants to speak on her own without worrying about what others may think. It was in the end that she stated her thesis, that she will no longer feel ashamed of her language that she found her voice and will overcome the tradition of silence.

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