Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Article On The Daily Caller

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According to Collins’ article on The Daily Caller, the first debate saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump potential candidates for the US presidency going head-to-head debating on the main issues affecting the economy and ways to address and manage most of these economic challenges and create more jobs. Donald Trump was so categorical on this issue during the first debate and argued for effective strategies to create more jobs and improve the US economy. According to Collins, one of the fundamental questions during the debate focused on how each of the candidates will create the type of jobs that will enhance economic growth by benefiting the American workers. To persuade Americans of his competency and capability, Donald Trump offered various strategies, he thought would create better jobs to benefit the American workers the most and improve the economy. Some of his strategies seemed impractical. From Collins views, it is evident that Trump provided the unusually miserable picture of US economy slipping into what can be considered as an irreversible decline. This was a very poor start from Trump because rather than focusing on facts on economic status, he came up with his statistics and information that were unfounded. Trump’s diagnosis of the economy’s problems was very poor, and this might not offer a permanent solution. Trump stated that the only way to create jobs for the Americans and improve the economy is through protecting the US jobs market from the outsiders. This might be true, but there exists no clear evidence to support his claims that majority of the jobs in the US are fleeing the country to Mexico. Based on Trump argument, China has devaluated their currency, and the US government is doing nothing to count... ... middle of paper ... ...ates especially Donald Trump tried to sell their competency and capability on effective strategies to create more jobs and improve the economy to the Americans. There is the need for the US to trade with other neighboring economies to improve its economy through exchanges. It is worth noting that the US is approximately 5 percent of the entire global population hence they must trade with the rest of 95 percent of the world economies. The only way to achieve a beneficial trade exchange is through the establishment of a smart and fair trade deals that will facilitate exchanges. The country must also have a tax system that is effective regarding rewarding work rather than just focusing on the financial transaction. Trade deal negotiations must be carried out to ensure that US trade and exchanges with other great players in the international market like China and Mexico.

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