Rhetorical Analysis Of Dawg's Speech

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The speaker had a central idea of gaming addiction. I can already tell that his informative speech involves video games, for he has a gaming headset around his neck. This symbolism proves that there is a level of importance in video games. Another key element that I identify is the pictures. During his presentation, his slides contain pictures that correlate to his topic. These consist of factors such as video games cover and a video game online map. By doing this, he is able to catch the attention of his audience; these pictures can relate to other people that have a deep interest in a hobby. 2. The key main point that Dawg uses is repetition and rhetorical questions. For example, within the first thirty-two seconds of his presentation, he has already used repetition and rhetorical questions. These repetitions include “Look at me. Now look back at Mrs. Kobol. Now look back at me” (Dawg, 2011). By Dawg doing he has emphasized humor into his presentation; consequently, grasping the audience’s attention. The speaker asked a few rhetorical questions such as “When you look at me, what do you see? When you look at Mrs. Kobol, are wonderful teacher, what do you see?” and…show more content…
Dawg uses the way he dresses to have a positive impact in his speech. The audience doesn’t know the speaker personally; therefore, their first impression will come from how he looks. If the speaker looks unprofessionally, then the audience will take him as a joke. However, Dawg avoids this by presenting professionally. He comes to the setting with a dress shirt. A dress shirt is known to be professional; additionally, he has a tie to compliment his outfit. Also, his hair looks comb to show that he came prepared. The clothing doesn’t look so tight, nor does it appear to be loose. Hats are typically known to be inappropriate during speeches; therefore, it was a good idea for the speaker to not wear his hat during the presentation. Overall, Dawg established credibility by the detail of his
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