Rhetorical Analysis Of Appointment Is The Lot Of Women By Lucy Stone

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American Literature Rhetorical Analysis
In the speech “Disappointment Is the Lot of Women,” an American Pioneer in the women’s rights movement by the name of Lucy Stone speaks about a significant topic dealing with justice. Lucy Stone focuses her speech on issues relating to gender equality at a Woman’s Rights Convention in Worcester to convince men, women, and those associated with government that women are deserving of their rights. As a well informed orator, Lucy Stone keeps her audience, message, and her own beliefs in mind while using a variety of techniques to justify her cause.
To begin with, Lucy Stone commences her eminent speech with a felicitous technique identified as “appeal to pathos”. Her introduction grabs the listener 's attention
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Lucy Stone orates, “Is it a wonder that women are driven to prostitution?” (382), as an attempt to show that because females are restrained from high paying jobs favored by men, they are put in conditions that force them to ignore morality. The female’s values are being thrown away to gain money and support their families. These values that have been set by society can get pushed to the side as well because they are prioritizing their families first. Still, none of that would occur if they had the rights to pursue a specific career and earn a place in the workfield. Lucy Stone’s audience acknowledges the self esteem and state of mind women share when deprived of their rights. They realize how horrific it is for a woman to be forced to sell her intimacy simply because she is not allowed to work. Pushing aside her morals and values because she does not have the rights she should have since birth, will make her feel futile and helpless. Lucy Stone’s appeal to pathos convinces the audience to hold sympathy and feel for the women resorting to…show more content…
The listener visualizes what the majority of women are doing and how they choose to ignore their rights. It paints a picture of the average woman using these material items to make up for the rights they do not have. Asking for more purses and clothes is easier than asking for their equality. If they had their rights, then they could buy those items on their own without the need to beg from men and the inequality would show . Women would not be portrayed as very dependent especially on males. The imagery provides a picture of what women are doing and makes the reader think about how that image could change if they had their
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