Rhetorical Analysis Of Angelina Jolie's Speech For Refugees

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2 days before Angelina made her speech in 2009 the UNHCR (United nations high commissioner for refugees) reported 42 million refugees worldwide, now they report there being 65 million. At World Refugee day, Angelina Jolie makes a compelling speech about the severity of the situation for refugees around the globe. She uses moving anecdotes, vivid imagery and uses all three of the argumentative appeals to stir emotion in the audience that something must be done about refugees in need. Jolie makes three anecdotes about the people she’s met while visiting Tanzania and Pakistan. First she talks about a pregnant Afghani woman and her family in pakistan who was left in a completely abandoned camp because she was too late in her pregnancy to travel when everyone else was relocated. She had nothing to her name but insisted on making the…show more content…
The most important of the logos is that Pakistan is hosting 1.7 million Afghan families for nearly thirty years. A man named Noor Mohammed left Afghanistan in 1979 when he was 12. He still resides in the Pakistan as a refugee. (BBC 3) However starting last year the pakistan government is forcing the afghanistan refugees out due to rumors of a post 9/11 anti-pakistani branch of the taliban inching into the camps creating conflict among citizens. (BBC 19) Pathos is her strongest form of argumentative appeals. With stories of children with no families, loneliness, and new mothers. She tells you the gritty truth of life for these refugees and how it seems like 1st world citizens just ignore their pain. She also exercises ethos, Jolie has earned her pilot's license and flies supplies and personnel to places in need through the UNHCR. (Van Meter 4) Most of her whole speech she’s speaking through her own experience meeting these people and seeing the pain in their eyes. There is no better way to understand what refugees go through than to hear it from someone who has been
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