Rhetorical Analysis: Ain T I A Woman

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Violence has been at the heart of every society in history. Luckily there have been brave souls that stand against the cruelty in order to defend the collective and themselves. They have brought forth hope, action and solutions to this dreaded world. The women’s suffrage movement of the late 1800’s was a pivotal point in women rising up and speaking against the injustice that men imposed upon them. One of the most influential women of her time, Sojourner Truth, showcased this in her speech at the Women’s Convention of 1851. She stood against the brutality forced upon to not only African Americans, but also women. “Ain’t I a Woman,” reveals the maltreatment, she endured as she used several tools such as the pathos, logos, and ethos to engage her audience in several dimensions. Furthermore, she provides personal experiences, a rhetorical device and biblical reference to articulate to her audience and…show more content…
She brings forth a calm tone as she exhibits a sense of imagery in order for the audience to see the adversity she has experienced due to being a slave and a woman. This valiant woman has endured so much suffering in that she has “borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery” as she “cried out with [her] mother’s grief” (Truth 9-10). In this section she targets the mothers by providing a sense of ethos in that she to is a mother and has had several constant tribulations in her life, but she was able to overcome them. This detachment that only a mother feels creates creditably to her speech by relating on a personal level with her audience, so that they to can realize freedom from these burdens are needed. This inhuman treatment must seize because she is not cattle to be trampled over she is in fact a woman, but is clearly not being treated in that
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