Rhetoric In The Media

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Many times we hear things through media and don’t actually listen to what they may say. When people hear something through mass media, they don’t realize that there is a person’s point of view stated in the story. And many times what people don’t see is that there is no such thing as an objective point of view. This is called Rhetoric; when someone states their point of view using words that either sway an audiences opinions one way or another. Rhetoric can be found in many places such as a T.V add or a commercial, magazine articles and advertisements, the news, and even radio commercials. Watching the regular news as I frequently do, I always hear the way a reporter speaks about a topic and immediately I know the view that that particular reporter takes. This happens in many instances, but one time in particular caught my attention. A reporter was doing a story on vandalism. Usually you hear about vandalism on abortion clinics and harassment of that sort, and usually the reporter uses the words “Anti-abortionists” to describe the people who commit these crimes. One the other hand this time was different. The reporter was doing a story on vandalism that happened on a church billboard, outside the church, and the billboard said something having to do with pro-life and the choice that they believed in. Later that night there was a huge black question mark that was spray painted on that saying. The reporter desc...
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